Welcome to the Future Search Blog for Bolton, UK. We are a team of students from a school in the town who attended the 3 day event on September 2005 (21st-23rd). Our role was to report and comment on the vision for Bolton as the people present, including us, shared views and opinions. You need to be heard too so this blog is yours to speak through. Our work goes on right up to this moment...

Friday, September 23, 2005

The beginning of the start of the future!

The past three days have been absolutely amazing. Young people, children and adults coming together and expressing their views and ideas. The creativity and friendliness brought it all together.The past two days have all led upto today (Friday). Bringing together views, ideas, aspirations for 2020 and its amazing how so many adults want to make every child matter. Today ideas, dreams and views are merging together so an acton plan can be formed for 2020. The days have been fun, enjoyable and very helpful. Im only 15 and i don't think alot of people get a chance to be at something this important so i am very proud to have been involved in it. These three days have only been the beginning of the start of the future for the young kids and i think everybody should go back today and think about what has happend in these 3 days and what as individuals they can do to help. I think this conference has been an absolute success and i loved it..(and Naeem!) Thankyou Sandra,Anne,Ingrid and Kelly for facilitating.. It's been wicked and we would appreciate if people would keep BLOGGING FOR BOLTON!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent comments. I was too very pleased to have been a part of it! I hope we will all look back in a few years and say - I was lucky to have been there at the Bolton Future Search! Look what difference it has made - that was when it all started!

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