Welcome to the Future Search Blog for Bolton, UK. We are a team of students from a school in the town who attended the 3 day event on September 2005 (21st-23rd). Our role was to report and comment on the vision for Bolton as the people present, including us, shared views and opinions. You need to be heard too so this blog is yours to speak through. Our work goes on right up to this moment...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Future Search is underway!

Bolton's Future Search has begun and has got off to an impressive start. Todays's event have included plotting key events from 1975 onwards onto a timeline. All members have been reflecting on personal, local and global issues.

Analysing the timelines has brought to the foreground a number of issues which provided stakeholders with common ground; stakeholders recognised how everybody goes through similar life experiences, from starting school, to doing exams, getting married, having children and experiencing bereavements. Stakeholders have realised that we all go through similar events and we need to use this common ground and our own personal experience to realise the vision of Making Every Child Matter in Bolton.

Quotes from the day:

"We all share the same aspirations."

"All our emotions and experiences will affect the way we all work alongside each other."

"Global issues as well as some local start negatively, we need to change this and have a positive outlook."

"We need to be proud of Bolton and its regeneration, however that does not mean that we have met the task of Every Child Matters."

"Every Child Matters is all about individuality; we need to encourage individuality and cater for the majority and minority."



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds like a fantastic event! And what an honour to be representing your city! Out of interest, what are some of the global issues that are being discussed?

3:14 PM

Blogger Naeem said...

Hi Christine, you're right the event is absolutely amazing. Some of the global issues that were discussed are:

Hurrican Katrina
Famine in Africa(Make Poverty History Campaign)
War on Terrorism

Christine, are you from the Future Search Network?


7:35 AM


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