Welcome to the Future Search Blog for Bolton, UK. We are a team of students from a school in the town who attended the 3 day event on September 2005 (21st-23rd). Our role was to report and comment on the vision for Bolton as the people present, including us, shared views and opinions. You need to be heard too so this blog is yours to speak through. Our work goes on right up to this moment...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Let's get it started!! Bolton 2020: Making Every Child Matter

Bolton's Future Search will kick off at 12.30pm today at the Reebok Stadium! Bolton 2020 is all about gathering people from all backgrounds and cultures of Boltonian society and working together to Make Every Child Matter.

As four young people from Sharples School this online diary or 'blog' will be our way of communicating with everyone who has a stake in this important vision. We'll be writing our 'blog' throughout the conference and we want you to visit this site and post your own views, anything you want to tell us regarding Future Search just post on here.

Remember....It's for Children. It's happening. It's got a history and you can shape it!

Have a great Future Search,

Naeem, Shirin, Amy and Duncan

We're Blogging for Bolton
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, my name's Rowena, I'm 14 from near Manchester.

My thoughts are that everyone should have equal opportunities to everyone, nobody is a lesser being jus because of their race, religion, sex or age. I feel this is an important issue right now, due to not long ago the bombings in London. I heard some pretty nasty things, and I's like all these negative comments erased. It is stereotypical to think that just because a couple of EXTREME muslims acted in that way that all muslims are brought up in a way which influences terrorism, as this is wrong. They are just people who twist God / Allah 's message to suit their beliefs. I urge you not to believe what anyone says about lesser beings and stand up for your rights.

All humans are equal, we were all made in the same way.

Rowena Evans, Macclesfield, Cheshire

8:56 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Every child matters, because every child is a life and every child has rights. We need to start giving young people more of a say in the future of this country as they are the future.

Every child, given the right opportunities has the potential to be great. We need to make sure those opportunities are given - and to everyone, not just those of the right background, the right postcode, or with the right amount of money.

Phillipa Gardner (15)
Peterborough, Cambs

9:49 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm Arielle, age 14 from America. This program seems like a great idea to me, as it is clear that equal opportunity is not always a reality of today's world. Children are often stereotyped because of race or religion, and are not given the chance to reach their full potential. The government must hear from the youth of today that this inequality is unacceptable, in Bolton and all over the world.
Arielle Weinberg
United States of America

10:51 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just to catch you up with Bolton's Student Council Forum - if you belong to a school in Bolton make sure you know how you can contribute to the forum. Our next meeting is at The Withins School and aims at setting out an agenda that our students want to move forward in the next year. I know that we are not going to be disappointed with the creativity and risk taking our students have, I just hope that the partnership we are trying to develop break down the barriers between adults and students working effectively together.

Wednesday 9th November 2005 4pm - 6pm at The Withins School. Refreshments.

6:04 PM


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